We are one of the historical leading Jeans and Twill companies in the middle east for producing different casual garment styles and have been exporting continuously such styles to the European markets for more than 20 years and have also been producing such casual styles under license for the Walt Disney Company in the whole middle east countries. Besides, we are holding the ISO 9001 manufacturing certificate.

Our factory is settled in Cairo/Egypt where we can issue Euro 1 certificate for all our production with which the tax is exempted upon exporting to all countries of the European Community. Besides, everybody – world-wide – is aware of the advantages of the Egyptian cotton.

Our current production capacity is figured to be 1500 pairs daily and have the possibility to double the quantity upon having long term orders.

Our design team department with their vast experience together with the help of our Gerber design system are continuously adopting the latest modeling fashions.

We are proud to say that our only fabric supplier since we started our historical business is Fourtex fabric factory in Egypt which was previously called Sabbagh Sharabati fabric factory in Aleppo/Syria, due to the utmost importance of the stone wash and garment dye now-a-dyas, we do have our sub-contract with the best washing factory in Egypt called Elsham Washing factorywhich is adjacent and linked to the building of our factory, moreover we do have in the same building Haksever button and rivet factory which is producing accessories for many of the famous international brands, our suppliers and sub-contractors in respect of the quality are bearing the relevant international production quality certificates which help in giving our customers the quality they are looking for.

Thanks to the high-level craftsmanship of our employees and and strict quality control we have been supplying our European and Scandinavian clients with the excellent and satisfying products during those many many years back. Throughout the constant innovation, we are continuing to meet with the ever-changing style challenges which the markets are facing everyday.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to see how we will partner with you the solutions of your business.